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【音楽番組】210410 HEY! HEY! NEO! MUSIC CHAMP.mp4

Author: STU48
Categories: TV-Music
Quality: 1080P 2021 HEY! HEY! NEO! MUSIC CHAMP TV-MUSIC 桜坂46  

210410 HEY! HEY! NEO! MUSIC CHAMP (Sakurazaka46 Part).mp4
Size: 324.66 MB | Duration: 00:10:02 | Video: 1280×720, Bit rate: 4383 Kbps, 29.970 fps | Audio: 128 Kbps, 48 Khz

桜坂46 Part – MP4 / 720p
桜坂46 Part – TS / 1080i
Sakurazaka46 BAN Part

‘HEY! HEY! NEO! MUSIC CHAMP’ is a long-running occasional music show with performances and interviews hosted by the comedy duo Downtown. The show used to be called just ‘HEY! HEY! NEO!’ and ‘MUSIC CHAMP’ even before that (when it was still regular).