【Webstream】240224 ANIPLEX YouTube Channel

240224-ANIPLEX-You-Tube-cover 【Webstream】240224 ANIPLEX YouTube Channel

240224 ANIPLEX YouTube Channel (Nogizaka46 x Trading Card BUILD DIVIDE BRIGHT Pre-release Special).mp4
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Nogizaka46 members, including Ito Riria, Iwamoto Renka, Kaki Haruka, Tamura Mayu, Ikeda Eisa, and Inoue Kazu, join forces as Billdibide Support Ambassadors for the upcoming release of "Billdibide Bright," the first-ever trading card game collaboration between Nogizaka46 and Billdibide. A pre-recorded special, featuring all ambassadors, unveils the behind-the-scenes of their selection card reveal and CM filming. The game, set to launch on February 29, boasts new, exclusive material with live-cut images and a variety of alluring shots, including selfies and off-shots of the 35 members. The trading card packs offer a double-rare edition, including two rare cards per pack, and a Lucky Card with an ultra-low probability of appearing. Secret cards feature serial-numbered autographed editions, adding a unique touch to the collection. Excitement surrounds the special edition Billdibide Bright release, featuring the charm and charisma of Nogizaka46’s members. #Nogizaka46 #BilldibideBright #TradingCardGame #SpecialEdition #Nogizaka46xBilldibideBright #February29Release #NewMaterial #DoubleRareEdition #LuckyCard #SecretCard #LimitedEdition #JapaneseIdols #BilldibideSupportAmbassadors

240224-ANIPLEX-You-Tube 【Webstream】240224 ANIPLEX YouTube Channel

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