【Webstream】240429 呼び出し先生タナカ (Yobidashi Sensei Tanaka)

240429-Yobidashi-cover 【Webstream】240429 呼び出し先生タナカ (Yobidashi Sensei Tanaka)

240429 呼び出し先生タナカ
240429 Yobidashi Sensei Tanaka (Anna Murashige).mp4
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Fuji TV aired an episode on April 29, 2024, featuring the debut of Mr. Hayashi from Nep League in a high-stakes Japanese language contest against Tanaka’s honor student team. The showdown, led by Mr. Hayashi representing the University of Tokyo, promised a serious test of linguistic prowess. Highlights included challenging questions, a past video embarrassment for Mr. Hayashi, and a sisterly face-off. The episode also showcased "Tanaka Sensei’s Career Counseling Room," where graduate student Akira Kamiya sought guidance from Professor Tanaka. #JapaneseLanguage #UniversityShowdown #CareerCounseling

240429-Yobidashi 【Webstream】240429 呼び出し先生タナカ (Yobidashi Sensei Tanaka)

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