【Webstream】240513 呼び出し先生タナカ (Yobidashi Sensei Tanaka)

240513-Yobidashi-cover 【Webstream】240513 呼び出し先生タナカ (Yobidashi Sensei Tanaka)

240513 呼び出し先生タナカ
240513 Yobidashi Sensei Tanaka (Anna Murashige, ano).mp4
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In the recent episode of Fuji TV’s aired on May 13, 2024, titled "Call Teacher Tanaka: University of Tokyo, Waseda/Keio Entertainers Take a Social Test! That First Electrical Shock in My Life," an exciting challenge unfolds. Honor students from prestigious universities engage in a red-and-white showdown, tackling a "social" common sense test. The participants, including a lawyer, a former station announcer, and a social studies teacher’s license holder, face challenging questions that even stump seasoned scholars. Anon-chan, Anna Murashige, Taisei Shima, and Koki Kusanagi’s Obaka strive to deliver miraculous performances amidst laughter and intense competition. Highlights include Kenji Murakami’s energetic sprint during the Ekiden quiz and humorous clashes between contestants like HiHi Jets Aoya Igari and Anna Obashinamura Shige. Notably, viewers witness memorable reactions, including a girl’s first experience with an electrical shock. #FujiTV #CallTeacherTanaka #UniversityChallenge #SocialTest

240513-Yobidashi 【Webstream】240513 呼び出し先生タナカ (Yobidashi Sensei Tanaka)

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