【Webstream】240516 Odo Odo x Hara Hara (Kazumi Takayama)

240516-Odo-Odo-cover 【Webstream】240516 Odo Odo x Hara Hara (Kazumi Takayama)

240516 Odo Odo x Hara Hara (Kazumi Takayama).mp4
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This program is a variety show where Audrey (Masayasu Wakabayashi, Toshiaki Kasuga) and Haraichi (Yuki Iwai, Yu Sawabe) take on challenges such as talking, playing games, and filming on location with guests, so you can keep your eyes peeled until the end!
“Celebrity Home Visit Ultra Quiz” visits the homes of various celebrities and asks quizzes related to their owners. Through quizzes, will Wakabayashi, Kasuga, Iwai, and guest Kazumi Takayama, who are not good at socializing, get to know the celebrity deeply and become friends? A plan called. This time, we will go to a house in a high-class residential area where a celebrity family member lives! He has a luxury car in the parking lot of his house, he likes sneakers, and there is a large athletic playground equipment in the living room! Who on earth is the landlord of this house, who has even won the Best Father Award? ? The person who gets the most correct answers in the quiz about the landlord will receive a cooking reward from Chef Koji Shigeki of the master Western cuisine chef “Taimeiken”!

240516-Odo-Odo 【Webstream】240516 Odo Odo x Hara Hara (Kazumi Takayama)

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