【Webstream】240610 366 Days ep09 (Neru Nagahama, Ayane Suzuki)

240610-366-Days-E09 【Webstream】240610 366 Days ep09 (Neru Nagahama, Ayane Suzuki)

240610 366 Days ep09 (Neru Nagahama, Ayane Suzuki).mp4
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"Go back to being friends." Yukihira Asuka (Hirose Alice) and Mizuno Haruto (Maeda Gordon) have decided to go back to being friends. Although they have distanced themselves from each other, it still takes time to "go back to being friends." At that time, Asuka went out to dinner with Yoshihata Kazuki (Tsuna Hironaga) and on the way back she saw Haruto and Miyabe Sae (Natsuko) together.

Asuka had been trying to forget about Haruto, but when she saw him, she couldn’t hold back the tears and started to overflow. Seeing her like that, Kazuki hugged her and said, "You don’t have to say anything anymore."

A few days later, Asuka, who was still holding onto her feelings for Haruto, joined a chamber music club and was invited by Hiyama Chinami (Suzuki Ayane) to perform at a "charity concert." Asuka says that if she practices, she won’t have to think about unnecessary things, and Chinami consults with her about the fact that she hasn’t received any LINE replies from Shizuhara Goro (Maeda Koki) recently.

Meanwhile, Haruto won first place in a new recipe competition held in the company. Then, Haruto is asked by the Osaka headquarters where he worked before coming to Tokyo to return as sub-manager of a new store that is being planned. Haruto wonders what the best choice for him is. At that time, Kazuki comes to visit Haruto at his apartment. Kazuki tells Asuka that he saw Haruto and Sae while they were together, and tells her about his feelings for Asuka, and waits for Haruto’s reaction…

Meanwhile, Shimoda Riko (Nagahama Neru) has successfully passed the national exam for physical therapists. Asuka, Ogawa Tomoya (Bando Ryuta), Kazuki, Kanon (Nakada Aoina) and others gather to celebrate her passing, but Haruto is nowhere to be seen. Kanon then tells Haruto that she has been transferred to Osaka. When Asuka hears this…

240610-366-Days-E09 【Webstream】240610 366 Days ep09 (Neru Nagahama, Ayane Suzuki)

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